The different course types

We have different types of courses available

Adult Cookery Classes

These classes are available for anyone over the age of 16. These cookery classes are available for you to design yourself , choosing the length, size of group and the dishes you would like to make at you cookery class. You may prefer to book a class just for yourself giving you one to one attention. Or get together with your family for a baking experience or with a group of friends. You will find a selection of classes and their prices in the COURSE menu.

Kids Cuisine Cookery Courses

Our Kids Cookery classes are the perfect way for youngsters to master the basics of how to cook in a friendly environment. Lots of hands on experience designed to build confidence in the kitchen and following recipes. They will learn essential skills such as bread making, knife skills, and the safe use of the cooker. Cookery classes are available for 8-16 yr olds, with no more than 6 students at any one time. You will find a selection of classes on the COURSE menu with specific dates or you can choose a class and arrange your own date and time.

Kids Party Cookery Classes

If you have a party coming up and you would like your child to have a cooking experience with some of their friends then there are a selection of classes you will find in the COURSE menu.

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